Driven By Quality

Clothing brands that are succeeding are telling a powerful story to their consumers around the world. The story of how and where their garments are produced has never been of greater importance
Consumers, and so manufacturers, are looking for great craftsmanship, quality and integrity of production. This is why so many brands have re-awoken to the benefits of producing in the UK and especially London. The UK benchmark for clothing quality is understood around the world. It’s capital London is a global centre of excellence for fashion, creative design and innovation combined with the highest levels of business facilitation.

The current family owners have been in the clothing manufacturing industry since 1973 and opened their first factory in London in 1984. Since then they have moved on to bigger and newer factories having produced for some of the biggest brands globally.

The family's first factory was 3,000 ft² in size and based in Whitechapel, the heart of East London’s fashion during that period. At this factory the family produced for brands such as Katharine Hamnett, Joe Casely-Hayford, Architect Clothing, Gather Choice Clothing, Euno International, Baker Street Clothing to name a few.

After spending a number of years at Whitechapel, demand for production at the factory increased significantly. This demand led to moving to a much bigger factory at 23,000 ft² based in Bow, E3 in 1997. By now, the family had built a team with great experience and skill. They had also put together a vast variety of machinery which led to increased capabilities in techniques and quality. The family owners began producing high volumes for brands such as Burberry, Aquascutum, Eskandar, Daks, Ted Baker, Gloverall, Ozwald Boeteng, Lewis Leathers, Harry Stedman, James Purdey and Sons.

Many brands during this period had moved abroad for production which led to many UK factories closing down. The family’s factory was one of the few which stayed open and carried on producing high quality garments which the UK is renowned for.

In 2015, the family moved once again. This time, to a 36,000 ft² factory based in Leyton. This is now where the Bramble Clothing Factory is based and run all of their production. The factory has been fully refurbished to a high spec and offers high quality products. The same staff who began with the family at Whitechapel are still working with them to this day and are some of the best machinists you can find worldwide. The family have invested in new machinery, production techniques, production facilities and new staff to meet customer demands for high quality products made in London at a price which is affordable.

The family owners pride themselves and their factory on high quality. They have spent years building a world class team, expertise and facilities where they can produce garments to the best quality, all made in London, since 1973.

What can we produce?

- Vests
- Tops
- Blouses
- Shirts
- Trousers
- Skirts * Over 20 years experience
- Dresses * Over 20 years experience
- Jackets * Over 40 years experience
- Coats * Over 40 years experience